Thursday, 21 February 2013

1.19 describe the factors affecting vehicle stopping distance including speed, mass, road condition and reaction time

Stopping distance is thinking distance and braking distance added together, things that effect this are:
  • The condition of the driver; drugs/ tiredness (thinking distance)
  • How worn the brakes/ tyres are
  • If the weather conditions are poor
  • How heavy the car is
  • The speed the car is travelling at


  1. Not to be rude, is it Braking distance and Brakes not breaking and breaks?

  2. Which subjects did you take for your gcse's? How did you revise for them?

    1. I did Geography, History, French and obviously Maths, English and science.
      I found that for me I need to do kinda layered revision, so first I will make notes on everything (like the notes on here) then I will make posters, then flash cards, and when I have learnt everything I will do past papers.
      It might be slightly over the top, and if you were going to do just one part of that I would highly recommend past papers :)

    2. Wait so you only did 9 subjects right?

  3. You could mention the condition of the road too

  4. Also not to be rude but you should add reaction time & road (or is road covered in environment)

  5. I really find your stuff useful please keep updating you have saved me a ton of time and effort.