Monday, 1 August 2016



Please feel free to comment- extra information, corrections, helpful links and feedback are always welcome. But please be aware of how you phrase your comments; what you put out into the world is what you will receive from it. Negative energy on the internet harms the beauty of life and it's so sad that people should be fighting each other at such an important time for your futures.

 I appreciate all of you who stick up for me, it really does mean a lot, but I recommend not being aggressive to trolls as it only makes them stronger.

Apologies for anyone who has to read offensive comments, but unfortunately I don't keep up with my comments apart from corrections and legitimate queries so I don't delete or respond to unhelpful negative comments.

If you have commented honestly and someone has sent you an unpleasant reply, please know that they only represent their own view and if you were just trying to do or say something helpful or kind that most people will respect what you have said (but you will unfortunately tend to only get a certain type of person reply).

I really hope that no one with something helpful or kind to say is put off of commenting, because something I love about this blog is the way that everyone comes together to help each other out. Your greatest tool in an Internet conflict situation is that you don't need to read something if it is unpleasant and not designed to be helpful.

With that out of the way, thank you to everyone who helped this year (both with info and positivity), and I hope you get the results that you wanted. And welcome/welcome back to anyone crusing the site this year.

Positivity and serenity to all,
Hannah Help o


  1. thanks for the blog hannah

  2. If i revise purely from these notes do you think i will get an A*.

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    2. Did you get an A* in the end?

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